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March 16, 2018
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The X-Forces Directory – The Vital Link

X-Forces Enterprise (XFE) has created a new directory through the combined efforts of a number of stakeholders within the military community. It’s a directory for anyone looking to engage with businesses that are born out of the military community whether created by service leavers, veterans, reservists, military spouses, cadets or family members/dependents.

How to register

    Registration on the directory is simple, and is free of charge to individuals, organisations or stakeholders of the X-Forces Enterprise community.

Why register?

    As an X-Forces Military-in-Business community member you can use this directory to:
  • Promote your business to those who value your military connections.
  • Connect with other business entrepreneurs who have a military background.
  • Be informed and notified of contracts for tender which may be interest to you.
    As an X-Forces Big Business Supporting Small Business; Member, Supporter or Advocate you can use this directory to:
  • Identify and locate new suppliers, of both products and services, which are owned by veterans or those who have a military connection
  • Validate the military connections within your own supply chain to compliment your Supply Chain Diversity agenda.


The X-Forces Directory is set to become the most definitive, extensive and secure source on military community owned businesses in the UK. The directory service is managed by the Military-In-Business directory service team who will respond to your registration request by email. Any queries or questions then please call X-Forces Enterprise on 0800 368 9533 and someone will help you.

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Get connected

    The X-Forces Directory is a web-based platform for engagement between buyers who value suppliers who have a military connection. Suppliers are vetted and audited for their military connections so that buyers can be assured of what the basic values and beliefs of the suppliers are likely to be.
    Procurement professionals can search the directory for suppliers by trade and by area. In collaboration with the X-Forces Enterprise Directory Management Team they can also compare directory listings with their own supplier database to validate veteran owned businesses.

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