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January 6, 2021
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January 11, 2021

21 Great Small Business Ideas for 2021

What can we learn from this list?

As seen on Business News Daily: (https://bit.ly/38mlpht)

Business News Daily, an online news outlet in the USA, have taken a look at 21 Great Small Business ideas for 2021. So we thought we would share this with our UK Military In Business® Community and see what parallels we could identify!

With Lockdown 3.0 in full effect, many entrepreneurs will see opportunity and gaps in the market for unique and enterprising new business ideas. We’ve taken our top five, including some examples from the X-Forces Community – but do check out the full list for inspiration and debate.

Number One: Online Reseller

Got an eye for fashion? A passion for sales? Consider setting up a shop on Depop, eBay, ASOS Marketplace or Etsy and getting a ‘side-hustle’ going before then establishing your own website and customer base. It could vary from vintage clothes to homemade crafts – research the market and see where you might fit in.

X-Forces Enterprise beneficiary Illicit Skate, started by Travis Hythe, specialises in Skateboarding equipment and clothing – stocking some of the UK’s biggest skate brands. Take a look at their Instagram for inspiration.

Number Two: Online Teaching

With more people spending time at home, retraining and developing their professional skills, now could be a great time to share your expertise as part of an online teaching or coaching business. Do you have the specialist knowledge you could impart on others? Or perhaps you’re linguistically gifted and could teach people through online classes?

Thomas Fox, XFE Beneficiary and Founder of Thoughtify, delivers training, executive coaching and employee wellbeing programs for corporate clients, centred around mental health. Thoughtify have continued delivering throughout 2020 and have even started up a podcast along the way, interviewing top CEO’s and Directors from across the business world.

Number Three: Cleaning Service

For those businesses remaining open during the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a stringent expectation to ensure their premises are kept to a ‘spotless’ hygienic standard. Have you considered start up a cleaning business.

Our very own X-Forces Enterprise Ambassador, Lee Harris-Hamer of White Horse Cleaning Services has had to adapt and readapt during the pandemic, but now has a very loyal and continually expanding customer base of businesses seeking cleaning services. Gardening and maintenance is similar

Number Four: Freelance Copywriter/Graphic Designer

Have an eye for a good design? A dab hand at copywriting? There is always a demand from businesses for slick graphic design and crisp, communicative copy for comms plans. At a time where communication is key – consider putting together a portfolio and building a client base in 2021.

Top-draw graphic designer, Copywrite whizz and Naval spouse Anna Oliver of Fresca Marketing is a great example of this, with 15+ years in the industry.

Number Five: Food Truck/Delivery Service

With regions moving in and out of lockdown, it’s a tough time to be a restaurant. Have you considered offering mobile delivery services via website orders or food trucks and temporary specialist takeaway services?

X-Forces Enterprise beneficiary Kinetic Kitchen, started by Harry Noel Smith, have vowed to ‘continue baking throughout lockdown’, and their outdoor takeaway premise “Coffee/KETOnut Truck” remains open to serve the local community. Check out their Instagram page for updates and inspiration!

Some interesting finds on this list, these are the top 5 most popular that we’ve supported… Read the full list to see what other ideas might come to mind too: https://bit.ly/38mlpht

Unsure about the direction you want to take your business? Or have a few different ideas but not sure which route to take? Join one of our self-employment training courses: https://bit.ly/35iIShD

What’s imperative with any idea is to do as much research as possible and tap into the resources out there for business owners.

If you’re a business owner looking to make valuable connections with likeminded individuals in the military community, join our next Military in Business® networking event: https://bit.ly/39c8y0b

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