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May 17, 2019
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Celebrating Sunday Traders!
May 19, 2019

8 Tips for making your online business reach the locals

Tips for making your online business reach

Small businesses can maximise their local reach by using a variety of online marketing methods to target the local community.


  1. If you have an upcoming event, post the event and location on social media. Channels such as Facebook will allow you to create a custom post for the event which you can invite local people to share. Eventbrite is also a great place to post upcoming events which people can then search for by location.


  1. Explore paid ads/boosted posts on channels such as Facebook. Use the Ads Manager function to target people by your location


  1. Take pictures of the business and post it online including the location. If you can encourage local customers to feature in the pictures then even better!


  1. Encourage customers to use the ‘check in’ function when visiting your business

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  1. Twitter will allow you to advance search by keywords and location. Once you find relevant accounts you can tag in these potentials interested customers or clients


  1. If your business has a fixed location, add this information to Google My Business as this will help your business show up when people conduct local searches.


  1. Encourage customers to write reviews and testimonials for the business as this will boost the online visibility of the business and its reputation amongst locals.


  1. Most importantly, review any tracking or analytics data to make sure you’re constantly learning and adapting your marketing messages to target customers in the most effective manner.

Our Business Advisers are all able to advise you on appropriate marketing strategies to ensure your local business maximises its local presence. If you are looking to startup a business or have been trading under 24 months, contact X-Forces Enterprise for business advice, access to low-interest government-backed funding, workshops and networking events and ongoing mentoring. Our support is fully funded by our partners and so we do not charge you for our help.




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