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March 7, 2022
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March 15, 2022

Get Your New Business On The Road

Advice and ideas for UK small businesses

At X-Forces Enterprise, we've supported a great many mobile and van-based start-ups to get off the ground and out on the road. From entertainment venues to keto and paleo food vendors, the variety of businesses that run on four or more wheels is amazing.

If you want to get out on the road and start your own mobile venture, has come up with nine ideas that you could try as a van owner.

For the desk-bound daydreamer, owning a van-based business holds a lot of appeals: open roads, meeting lots of people, hearing great music at festivals, freedom. But there are loads of practicalities too.

A business in a van is more flexible, especially with changeable Covid-19 conditions. You’ve got fewer overheads and fewer members of staff to manage, they’re generally cheaper to run, and you can go out to customers rather than relying on them to find you. 

As with any business, it’s vital to get a solid business plan in place first. What will your profits look like? Who is your target market? Establish whether you’re a sole trader or a limited company. Think about insurance, licences, booking systems, and marketing.

Then you’ve got vital elements like fuel to run your vehicle along with tax and admin. When money’s so tight, you could be given a leg-up by expense claims, so make sure you know what you’re eligible for.

Getting back to the fun stuff, think about your business name. It should be memorable, original and appropriate to your business.

To read the full article, which first appeared on the excellent, click here

Caravan, Coffee, Conversation

There is an ethos and set of values by which the Armed Forces Community lives and works - core to this is ' leave no one behind' and 'work together as a team'. Few people embody this spirit more than British Army veteran Nigel Seaman.

We were honoured to support Nigel launch Combat2Coffee, a mobile Community Interest Company that goes far beyond simply serving hot drinks.

“Through coffee comes conversation” says Nigel, who has battled his own PTSD to support fellow sufferers via the power of camaraderie, an accredited National Level 2 Barista course, and a work-placement programme. Remarkably, Nigel delivers all of this from a converted caravan.

In the 2021 Soldiering On Awards, Nigel's dedication was recognised through the Business Community Impact Award.

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