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With a background in the Royal Air Force Fire and Rescue Services, Shaun has a history of dealing with traumatic situations. Now going in to business for himself Shaun is providing a counselling service for those with a troubled past.

ASCA, Adult Survivors of Child Abuse, offers a safe counselling service based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, to enable individuals to explore sensitive issues in a safe, comfortable and non-judgemental setting, without discrimination.


When and why did you join the Forces?

“The reason I joined was because I wanted to be a part of HM Forces because of the strong teamwork ethos that is instilled in HM Forces and to enable me to access high quality Aviation Firefighting training and qualifications.”


What made you decide to set up your own business?

“I love my Counselling career and the face to face work that I can carry out with my clients. By running my own business, I can offer clients appointment days and times that suit them, and more importantly I can offer sessions immediately with a no waiting list policy in place.

We aim to help people work through feelings and issues which may affect daily life, but we will not attempt to force change onto anyone.”


What advice would you give to other people, thinking about becoming an entrepreneur?

“The main area of advice I would offer is that you ought to maybe follow your passion and not financial gain. Think and plan very carefully and don’t rush your planning, take your time and take good advice from professionals.”


What are the challenges you’ve faced in running your own business?

“Cashflow and website upkeep/maintenance are both big challenges.

The website is an integral part of a business and it must be given a lot of attention and priority, it needs to be continually nursed and tended to for the entire life of the business.”


How has X-Forces helped you?

“X Forces has helped me right from the start through to the present day with information and advice.

If it wasn’t for X Forces helping me to put the necessary finance in place and providing me with a business mentor things might have been very different for me and the future of ASCA.”


To find out more about Shaun and his business, ASCA you can visit his website.

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