Blind Veterans - X-Forces

X-Forces and Blind Veterans UK

X-Forces have tailored Enterprise and Business expertise for beneficiaries of Blind Veterans UK in 2016.

In collaboration with Blind Veterans UK, we offer a bespoke 4-Day Business Experience Programme to support blind and vision-impaired members at the charity’s Brighton centre twice a year.

Blind Veterans UK was founded in 1915 and the charity’s initial purpose was to help and support soldiers blinded in the First World War. Since then the organisation has gone on to support more than 35,000 blind veterans and their families.

Chief Executive of Blind Veterans UK, Major General (Rtd) Nick Caplin CB, said: “100 years ago those trades included basket weaving, poultry farming and cobbling. Today, the skills may have changed but the principal remains the same and working in partnership with X-Forces, we are able to continue the legacy that is so important in achieving victory over blindness.”

The Business and Enterprise Programme

The hands-on X-Forces programme delivers bespoke support tailored to each individual, their visual impairment, circumstances and ideas.
The course goes through each area of Enterprise, including; life skills for business, the decision to go self-employed, employed or a combination of both. These incredible individuals are able to gain proven insights and confidence when making important decisions about starting a business or working within a business whilst accessing a network of like-minded people beyond the 4 day programme.

Following the course the entrepreneurs will be able to access individual ongoing support from both X-Forces and Blind Veterans as their businesses develop and grow. The programme supports the delegates, assesses their strengths and the areas they will need further support. Steve said: “Understanding where I need help and the support available is really important. For me it will be the website, branding and logo.”


Mike from Massageworks said: “I’ve had a business before, but since my impaired vision I have needed different support and I feel this has been enhanced by X-Forces, for example guiding me through purchasing a domain name.”

Mark “The confidence X-Forces and Blind Veterans have given me will be invaluable for me taking my photography to the next level”

Chris “I was anxious about the course, but X-Forces put me at ease. I have learnt a lot including the place my photography has in the market and I have progressed so much since we started on Monday with clear areas to focus on such as marketing.”

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