Business Captains

Our Business Captains

Keith May

Keith has been involved with XFE since attending a resettlement course in 2017.

Whilst in the Army, Keith qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant. After retiring in 2018, Keith set up his own accounting firm in Skegness on the East Coast of Lincolnshire. As the business grew, he moved into an office with a local bookkeeper and has now gone into business with her, forming Keith May Accounting Services Ltd. Keith continues to help XFE on resettlement courses and is happy to help XFE beneficiaries as they transition to business owners. .

Malcolm Warr

Malcolm has been associated with industrial enterprise since aged 11 when he built a midget submarine; drove it in the school swimming pool and won a prize for innovation.

Following a twenty-five-year career in the Royal Navy, Malcolm has worked in many parts of the security and maritime industry; in Government departments to being Director of Small to Medium sized security enterprises, interspersed with various senior positions in global security and maritime businesses. For the last 20 years he has mentored a variety of individuals and companies from many different business sectors. Outside the XFE fraternity, he currently mentors, for example, a Kuwait senior Government official, an Australian Naval officer in transition to civilian life and a New Zealand Agricultural SME. He is a senior advisor to the Company that delivers the UK Cyber Essentials scheme. He is a big believer in learning from experience and sharing lessons identified and lessons learned, Malcolm modestly suggests that his varied career has made him an expert in nothing but has given him quite a good awareness of the total picture and some of the pitfalls. .

Gavin Lumsden

As a Consultant of Education, and co-Founder of Essential Teaching UK Ltd, I help Individuals to career transition and “Get into Teaching” to use their creativity, personality and passion every single day, in an environment that’s challenging and rewarding in equal measure. At Essential Teaching UK we support Schools & Colleges to RECRUIT, RETAIN & REFRESH, ensuring staff are offered professional investment and career progression opportunities, so they feel that they can grow within their workplace and this, in turn, provides a sense of purpose and appreciation which fosters loyalty. Prior to starting my own business, I served 20 years in the Royal Navy and I am currently in my 7th year within the Maritime Reserves. Having commissioned in 2011, I am now serving as a Lieutenant Commander - Training Management Officer. Both of these roles, Director and Naval Officer, give me a greater appreciation of the knowledge and expertise required either to transition from the Armed Forces or to run your own business alongside military life either as a Reservist, Veteran, Spouse or Dependent. .

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