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Discover the exciting world of business and equip yourself with enterprise skills to pursue your career goals

Cadets in Enterprise is our flagship programme for young people who want to explore the key components of how the economy works, what enterprise means and how entrepreneurship shapes our lives. A programme that has evolved over the last two decades from sharing lived experiences, and Ren Kapur being appointed by the Secretary of State for Education Ed Balls in 2009 as the lead National Diploma Employer Champion for Business, Administration and Finance and visiting countless schools as part of this process. Ren helped to create and work as part of a taskforce to bridge the gap between the FTSE 500, SMEs and young people’s education.  This work has evolved over twenty years and shapes our Cadets in Enterprise interactive workshops.

Over the course of these action-packed workshops, young people will discover what it takes to be an entrepreneur or intrapreneur; how to start with an idea, understand your market and plan for success.

You will learn essential enterprise skills including money management and how best to present yourself and your ideas, in writing and in person. Activities involve individual work, group discussions and team exercises and the weekend finishes with each group pitching their idea in a friendly ‘Dragon’s Den’.


  • What makes the economy work?
  • The pros and cons of starting a business
  • Evaluating a business idea: USP and Value Proposition
  • What does success look like for you?
  • Working in the Voluntary Sector
  • Business Planning: Why write a business plan?
  • Understanding your customers
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Start up finance and cash flow
  • Promotion and Communication planning
  • Applying military leadership skills to business
  • Bringing it all together and pitching your idea


  1. Friday 31st March – Sunday 2nd April 2023 Cadet Training Centre, Whipps Cross, London
  2. Friday 26th May – Sunday 28th May 2023 Cadet Training Centre, Yardley Chase, Northampton

Graduation to take place in the summer at the London Stock Exchange in Central London


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