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Power of Three

To effectively support the Armed Forces community in Enterprise, X-Forces has brought together key players from Government, Charity and Corporates.

Each of these stakeholders play a crucial role on an individual’s journey through enterprise learning, development and ongoing support for sustainability.

X-Forces engages with key military charities to understand the needs of the community, influence transition policy aimed at employment and self-employment issues, and to provide enterprise skills to beneficiaries.
The X-Forces scheme is a fantastic programme. The skills that Service personnel can bring to business are a great asset to the UK and it is important that they have every chance to start their own firm; or to contribute to the growth of existing firms. Initiatives like X-Forces celebrate and help to grow our national entrepreneurial spirit, which will play a crucial role in driving our return to long-term economic growth.

Lord Young

ABF The Soldiers' Charity

Since 2015, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity have supported Start-Up Enterprise Training workshops and Post Start-Up events across the UK. These events are free to the beneficiary and are accessible for Veterans, Service Leavers, Spouses, Reservists, Cadets and Armed Forces dependants.

  • Start Up Skills workshops allow beneficiaries to make an informed decision as to whether self-employment is right for them;
  • Networking and Business Advice (Post Start-Up) events offer support to entrepreneurs that have already launched their business and need further support.

X-Forces and Help for Heroes

In 2014, X-Forces and Help for Heroes developed a bespoke 6 day programme that delivers support tailored to Wounded, Injured and Sick service personnel and veterans to develop their business ideas.

In the first two years we have supported over 50 servicemen and women through the Business Experience programme and discover if self-employment is the right path for them, and their families.

The Royal British Legion

X-Forces and the Legion have been working together to support veterans understand Enterprise better. Through the Legion we have been able to provide more mentoring co-ordination and the Pop-In centres have facilitated many of our start-up workshop events across the country.

The Legion was founded by veterans after the First World War. A century on from the start of that conflict, they are still helping today's Service men and women, veterans, and their families in almost every aspect of daily life. The Legion also champion Remembrance, safeguarding the memory of those who have given their lives for our freedom through Remembrance education and events.

X-Forces and Blind Veterans UK

X-Forces have tailored Enterprise and Business expertise for beneficiaries of Blind Veterans UK in 2016.

In collaboration with Blind Veterans UK, we offer a bespoke 4-Day Business Experience Programme to support blind and vision-impaired veterans at the charity's Brighton centre twice a year.

Blind Veterans UK was founded in 1915 and the charity’s initial purpose was to help and support soldiers blinded in the First World War. Since then the organisation has gone on to support more than 35,000 blind veterans and their families.

Chief Executive of Blind Veterans UK, Major General (Rtd) Nick Caplin CB, said: “100 years ago those trades included basket weaving, poultry farming and cobbling. Today, the skills may have changed but the principal remains the same and working in partnership with X-Forces, we are able to continue the legacy that is so important in achieving victory over blindness.”

The Poppy Factory

The Poppy Factory supports veterans with health conditions on their journey into employment, helping them overcome any barriers.

    Four out of five of the veterans they work with report a mental health condition. Whatever their situation, and whatever they are going through, their employment team is on hand to offer one-to-one support.
    X-Forces Enterprise have been working closely with The Poppy Factory to offer support and guidance to beneficiaries who are looking into self-employment as their next professional step.

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