Commonwealth Parliamentary Association visit to X-Forces - X-Forces Enterprise
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December 18, 2015
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January 21, 2016

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association visit to X-Forces

We were delighted to host a workshop to discuss in further detail the work of X-Forces introducing the visiting parliamentarians to our partners; The Start-Up Loans Company, ABF: The Soldiers’ Charity and one of our own entrepreneurs, Kerry-Ann from Gabby’s World Dolls.

Discussion ranged from the key challenges faced by military spouses to the structure of support for veterans in the UK.

The difficulties faced by women entering the world of business in both the UK and abroad drew both parallels, for example childcare, and differences such as support at the business planning stage. Kerry raised the difficulties childcare considerations cause her during the Christmas period, as her husband was unexpectedly posted to Canada, an issue that effects thousands of women trying to start their own business across the world. In terms of financial and business support, the parliamentarians took away several ideas on how can do their part to further entrepreneurism, financial independence and gender equality at home.

Kerry and her business Gabby’s World dolls celebrates play “that shapes and encourages the uniqueness of every little girl’s dreams and aspiration” to better reinforce positive self-image. We’ve included a few quotes from Kerry’s website to outline her aim in building up her business:

“Our range of dolls specifically catered to ethnic minority girls brings out creativity and reaffirms our belief of ‘beauty like me’ whether as a Princess, Ballerina, Rock Star or just like Mom!”

“Our dolls come in all shades, sizes and fit all types of imagination to suit every little imaginative girl.”

For more information about Kerry, and her business visit or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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