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July 7, 2020
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July 16, 2020

Coronavirus: Business Reopening – IMPORTANT INFO

Since the four nations of the UK have separate lockdown regulations and guidance, businesses are reopening at different times and in different ways.

Even if a business is legally permitted to open, it has an obligation to do so safely.

Please read this important briefing paper, published by the Government on 13th July, to give you clarity surrounding the various regulations to make informed decisions for your particular business. The document gives estimated opening dates for various types of business and industry sectors, and may help you in organising your business until you are permitted to reopen. 

X-Forces Enterprise are currently running fortnightly ‘Business Continuity Masterclasses’, designed to help business-owners organise their business under the current economic climate. The masterclasses are held virtually over one day. Find out more here.

Download the Business Reopening Guidelines below:

Coronavirus: Business Reopening. House of Commons 1307.pdf (670 downloads )


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