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CrossFit Spitfire is a brand new premier Strength and Conditioning facility, and CrossFit Affiliate, in Norwich providing CrossFit classes, Speciality Weightlifting and Gymnastics classes and workshops along with the introduction of a new Circus Arts training centre providing unique and exciting new Circus classes to the people of Norwich.

David, from Norwich, joined the Royal Air Force in 2002 as an Aerosystems Engineering Officer.  He joined the RAF as a result of a child hood passion for Military Aviation, and as an Engineer it presented an opportunity to work with the pinnacle of aviation technology.  In addition, it allowed him to push himself and develop on a daily basis, both physically and mentally, with continual training that was second to none. It was during his time in the RAF that David developed a passion for fitness, functional movement and strength and conditioning training / programming.

Following time spent working as an engineer, David embarked upon CrossFit Spitfire.

The decision to start my own business came from inspiration from my close friend, training partner and gym owner based in Colchester, Carl Saville (Owner of CrossFit Colchester).  I had always been intrigued by self employment, and creating something special and new, but never brave enough to take the plunge, having always enjoyed the reliance on secure employment and working for others.  However, as I started to write my X-Forces business plan it quickly became obvious that it was indeed the right thing to do, and presented an amazing opportunity that had to be seized upon.  The opportunity to work for yourself, and also help others through your product, was too good to pass.”

What advice would you give to other people, thinking about becoming an entrepreneur?

Absolutely do it.  It is 100% worth the time, stress, investment and sleepless nights whilst you’re creating it.  Providing you’re willing to commit fully and put the hard work in, you will be rewarded.  I feel especially proud to have been able to do it with the support and mentorship provided by X-Forces, who have been so easy to work with and very supportive.  It has no doubt made the transition easier to cope with.

What are the challenges you’ve faced in running your own business?

The main challenge that I have faced so far, especially in the set up stage of the business, has been having to engage and manage a number external organisations such as estate agents, landlords, solicitors, local councils, equipment suppliers, tradesmen, clients etc and to tie everything down, all together, in a time scale that meets the business plan whilst ensuring the books balance.  Having a good well thought through business plan has helped with this significantly, whilst maintaining the belief and confidence that it will work.”

How has X-Forces helped you?

Without the support and guidance of X-Forces this whole venture simply would not have been possible.  Sharda (my business advisor) has been able to guide me through the creation of my business plan from day one, all the way to the point of securing the funding required to make the business become a reality.  It is especially gratifying to know that they are only a phone call away should advice and further support be needed at any time, and to have the network of X-Forces business start-ups to reach out to.”

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