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Employee Induction – Get Off To A Good Start

Employee induction is the process that introduces new members of staff to an organisation, their job, their colleagues, and the work environment. A successful induction provides new members of staff with all the information they need, without overwhelming them, and enables them to contribute to the organisation quickly...

All new staff should be inducted, whether they are full or part time, permanent or temporary, senior or junior. It may sometimes be necessary to re-induct staff, for example when they are returning from parental leave, so that they can catch up on developments in the organisation during their absence.

Preparing for the Induction

It is important to prepare for the induction well in advance of the new employee's first day.

Preparations should include:

  • Notifying relevant people in the organisation of the date when their new colleague is arriving and identifying which staff members will have responsibility for providing the induction.
  • Making sure that the new employee will have everything they need to start work. For example, depending on the new employee's work role it may be necessary to:
  • Allocate a desk, a telephone and computer.
  • Set up e-mail and access to IT networks or systems
  • Order a uniform and/or protective clothing.
  • Contacting the new employee to let them know who they should report to on arrival, and providing them with any other necessary information about their first day.
  • Asking an existing member of staff to act as a mentor or 'buddy' for a period of time to help the new employee settle in.

Hints and Tips

Plan the induction process carefully. This will ensure that all essential matters are covered and that the new employee is introduced into the organisation effectively.

Networking and collaboration are increasingly important in business, so ensure that a new member of staff has enough time with colleagues for a proper discussion about their respective roles in the organisation.

Check in with the new employee periodically during their first few weeks to find out how they feel they are settling in and whether they have any problems or questions.

Finally, it is hugely important to provide feedback to the new employee whenever possible.

You can read a full guide to Employee Induction on the XFE Knowledge Exchange Hub - it's free to join and features a wealth of information and advice, as well as access to ‘Business Captain’ mentors.

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