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In October 2017 X-Forces made a proposal to the Forces Pension Society Charitable Fund to support tri-service widows and their dependants in developing their enterprise skills. X-Forces understands that it is important for widows and their family members to rebuild their lives when they are ready, to give them financial independence, confidence and a renewed sense of purpose and they will support this through a bespoke course which will not only cultivate the enterprise skills needed for employment and self-employment but will also, more crucially, help the widows community and their dependants to build confidence in their abilities and will provide a community that they can lean on for support.

Working with the four Widows Associations, X-Forces and the Forces Pension Society Charitable Fund have developed a four day bespoke Enterprise Discovery and Business Skills course for Armed Forces Widows and their dependants.

Ren Kapur, Chief Executive and Founder of X-Forces, said:

This is a cause that is very close to my heart so we are really pleased to be working with the Forces Pension Society Charitable Fund to bring forward this initiative. We have seen the impact that enterprise can have for the military community and we want to provide Armed Forces widows and their family members with that same empowerment.

Mike Smart, Chairman of the Forces Pension Society Charitable Fund, said:

The Forces Pension Society Charitable Fund is delighted to work closely with X-Forces to support this project which is designed to help Service Widows and Dependants gain business and workplace skills. We consider this initiative will help a number of individuals enter or return to employment and we look forward to seeing the benefits this will bring.

The first cohort, which will take place in early Summer 2018, will allow attendees to take the first steps, providing an insight into enterprise and the tools needed to empower them to start a business or skills that can be deployed within an employed role, alongside other likeminded widows or dependants of widows from the Armed Forces community.

To find out more about this programme or to register your interest please email events@x-forces.com or call 0207 8113236

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