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Ex-Flight Ops Move To On-The-Go Gaming

Bring the Game Over

Richard Shepherd from Faringdon, Oxfordshire joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) in Flight Operations in March 2004.

Upon completing his education, he had moved into various sales roles. However, after a few years, he decided it wasn’t for him and that it was time to become independent and responsible. He followed his father’s footsteps and joined the RAF.

During Richard’s time in the RAF, he undertook three tours in Iraq, Falkland Islands and Qatar. Sadly Richard was medically discharged due to injuries he sustained on adventurous training.

“I enjoyed my time in the Royal Air Force and did a lot of amazing things, working alongside some great people, and making some very good friends”.

Richard’s entrepreneurial venture began once Help for Heroes funded a 6-day business experience course delivered by X-Forces Enterprise. The course covered in-depth business start-up modules including: setting up and sustaining a profitable business; marketing; cash flow; budgeting and getting his business Bring the Game Over ready to launch.

Richard Shepherd from Faringdon, Oxfordshire

The skills Richard developed as result of the 6-day course enabled him to write a business plan and secure funding for his new enterprise. Bring the Game Over is a fully mobile gaming arcade that offers an immersive one-of-a-kind gaming experience, perfect for parties, weddings and corporate events.

“We have all of the latest games consoles and top titles suitable for all ages and tastes. Our aim is to make sure everyone has a controller in their hands and is able to participate at all times. Our one-of-a-kind gaming van maximizes space without compromising safety and comfort.”

Richard had always dreamt of starting his own business,

“I had often dropped this into conversations…trying out different business ideas with friends, family and anyone else who would listen. Following my accident, I re-evaluated what I really wanted to do – and that was to reinvent myself as the entrepreneur I’d always wanted to become. For me, being an entrepreneur and setting up my own business has been incredibly rewarding. I can make my own decisions and run the business as I see fit, knowing that success or failure is all down to me”.

As with many businesses, there are always going to be challenges, and Richard came across a few, which he overcame.

“When you do not have someone to tell you what to do, or when to do it, then you have to be self-motivated and willing to put in a lot of work without being paid”.

Bring the Game Over

Richard’s advice to the ex-military community is, “do something that you are passionate about, not just something you think will make you money. Make sure you do plenty of research, and if possible, try shadowing someone who is already doing the type of business you’re thinking of starting. Keep track of your spending and budget to inject cash into your business while you gain your first customers and income”.

To find out more visit:

Website: bringthegameover.com
Facebook: @bringthegameover

If you’re considering self-employment like Richard, why not come along to one of our free Self- Employment Discovery Workshops. Find out more via http://bit.ly/xfevents


X-Forces Enterprise (XFE)
Is an award-winning Community Interest Company that nurtures entrepreneurial ambition in the UK military community and are the official delivery partner to the governments Start Up loans scheme and the Careers Transition Partnership (MOD). XFE have supported over 1,300 entrepreneurs to start their own businesses and has helped thousands more through training, events and mentoring provisions. X-Forces.com

If you would like to use Richard’s business in your publication, please contact, Marketing & Communications officer, X-Forces Enterprise on dan@x-forces.com or faraz@x-forces.com +44 (0)207 811 3237

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