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Ex-Army to running an ex-military property maintenance firm

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Edward Colver aged 41 from Sheffield, South Yorkshire longed for a new venture closer to home. Edward joined the Army in 1999 and was commissioned into the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment. During his time in the Forces Edward toured to Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. Edward felt it was time to leave after serving nearly 18 years in the Army, so he and his wife Lisa could have a more settled life back home, in his own words

“I felt as though I had achieved all I wanted to by commanding a rifle company in Afghanistan and that I would leave loving the Army and not risk that sentiment changing.

Edward decided to start up his own business would be the best option as he knew it was time to work for himself.

Edward said “By starting my own business I can help ex-military personnel find employment or enhance their current roles. Milifix is a residential and commercial property maintenance firm, run by my wife Lisa and I, that employs solely ex-military personnel. Flexibility, responsibility of the role and being able to make decisions that I wasn’t empowered to take in my previous role in civvy street are the best parts of running my own business”.

Milifix property maintenance firm

To help secure finance to run the business Edward was connected to X-Forces Enterprise to apply for a Start Up Loan.

“XFE helped both financially and with business support from my business advisor. The speed of service and can-do attitude I received and ongoing support was extremely helpful.”

Edward came across many challenges when starting his business but as he said “The most difficult one was finding time in between renovating my house and working full time in the NHS. Working evenings and weekends is fine for a while but you need to take a break every now and again. The business is at very early stage, but I think switching off and stepping away from the office is going to be a problem!

Although Milifix is in its early stages Edward has big plans. Once they have consolidated in Yorkshire he will look to expand in to other regions through partnerships, JVs or franchising.

“If I could go back to my first day of starting the business, I would tell myself to trust in the business plan and in myself. To those of you thinking about becoming self-employed just get on and do it. I talked about it, thought about, mulled over it and considered it! Setting the foundations is also key though so there is a balance to be struck”.

For more information please visit:

Website: milifix.co.uk
Facebook: @milifix
Twitter: @milifix1

If you’re considering self-employment like Edward, find out how X-Forces Enterprise can support you: http://bit.ly/2JT9yIN

X-Forces Enterprise (XFE)
Is an award-winning Community Interest Company that nurtures entrepreneurial ambition in the UK military community and are the official delivery partner to the governments Start Up loans scheme and the Careers Transition Partnership (MOD). XFE have supported over 1,300 entrepreneurs to start their own businesses and has helped thousands more through training, events and mentoring provisions. X-Forces.com

If you would like to use Edward’s business in your publication, please contact Tenneka Richards, Marketing & Communications officer, X-Forces Enterprise on tenneka@x-forces.com or +44 (0)207 811 3237.


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