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January 29, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Ex-Wren Elizabeth talks about her journey from one Reiki session to her own holistic venture

Elizabeth, an ex-Wren, left the service in 1990 to start a family. Almost thirty years later she now has six children and two grandchildren!

I absolutely loved being part of the Wrens, I have made brilliant friends who I still love and trust, it was the best thing I ever did……. Being part of the Wrens helped fashion who I am today

However, at the age of thirty and as a mother of four who’d recently lost her own mother, Elizabeth found herself at a crossroads in her life. She went to see one of her friends who was a Reiki Practitioner.

 As I lay on the sofa my thoughts quietened and I began to feel light, as though a weight had been lifted, I felt I wasn’t on my own and I felt loved.  I had two Reiki sessions and both times I cried afterwards but they were tears of release.  I will always feel unbelievably grateful to my friend and for those Reiki sessions – they changed my life.

Reiki propelled her into a string of holistic courses and she learnt all she needed to know to start her own business. However, initially when she tried to run her first business she realised she wasn’t very business minded so needed to take a second job to support herself and her children. This took her on a journey from being a teaching assistant to Northants Police before going back to the Bedfordshire Police, Central Bedfordshire Council and on to being a temp with Hertfordshire Police in their Victim Support Unit.  Each time the jobs ended due to lack of funding or travel problems.


At nearly fifty years old and, with the help of her husband, she realised it was time to once again do what she loved and so she “grabbed the bull by the horns” and set up ‘Thistle Me This’, offering holistic therapies and organic products.

After support from X-Forces to secure a £10,000 loan for her business in January 2018, Elizabeth then signed up to receive mentoring support from the XF team as she was still finding the business side a challenge.

They were excellent, I’m so impressed I’m telling everyone! It was easy, they made direct contact with me and I felt like a real person. I was so worried about asking for a loan but they helped at every stage.

Elizabeth is off to a great start and X-Forces wish her lots of success for her new business.  We will leave the last word to her, 

Don’t be scared to explore your dreams, ideas, hopes and even your fears, go through them …..and work through them to MAKE IT happen.

Elizabeth did!

Thistle Me This offer 20% discount to all Military, NHS, Police and Fire Service personnel. Follow them using the links below to find out more.

Website: thistlemethis.co.uk
Facebook: @thistlemethis1

If you’re considering self-employment like Elizabeth, we run a series of free Self-Employment Discovery Workshops with ABF The Soldiers’ Charity! Find out more via http://bit.ly/xfevents


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