"Fewer Barriers to Achieving Your Dreams and Goals Than Ever Before!" #IWD2021 - X-Forces Enterprise
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“I’m Really Proud Of Our Community” – XFE Supports #IWD2021
March 8, 2021
“Becoming Self-Employed Means I Can Set My Own Benchmarks of Success” – #IWD2021
March 9, 2021

“Fewer Barriers to Achieving Your Dreams and Goals Than Ever Before!” #IWD2021

This week we’re highlighting some of the incredible female entrepreneurs that make up the X-Forces Enterprise community. Today’s spotlight is on brilliant RAF Spouse and owner of Calming Moments Aromatherapy, Lucy Goodey. We asked her about her background, her experience as a woman in business, and what she believes should be highlighted this week for #IWD2021.

Hi Lucy – could you give us a quick insight into your military background, the name of your business & what it does?

I met my husband 4 years ago and he serves in the RAF. My business is Calming Moments Aromatherapy. and we offer Aromatherapy for physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

My brand is eco, cruelty free & vegan friendly with 100% naturally sourced ingredients. All our packaging is recyclable too! I use no artificial ingredients unless absolutely necessary and stated, which is rare. I like people to know what they are using and burning, especially around themselves, children and pets.

What kind of challenges have you faced as a female entrepreneur (if any)?

As a woman in business, I found the first main challenge was questioning if I can start up a business whilst also having 3 children, the youngest being just 3 weeks old!

However, as I am on maternity leave from my role as an NHS nurse, it seemed the ideal opportunity. Speaking as an entrepreneur, my second biggest challenge from the off was growing the business nationwide rather than just locally, just in case our family were ever relocated by the military. The military social media groups and spouses networks I’m a member of have been a great help – sharing and promoting my business all over the UK and often abroad too.

How do you think your military background has impacted your entrepreneurial journey?

My military background has inspired me as I have seen fellow military wives & serving personnel become entrepreneurs and it work really well for them. I am a part of the brilliant online community surrounding military spouses, and they have encouraged me to pursue my idea, helped me research how to go about it, and signposted me to other resources to help answer my endless questions! I also found the military and X-Forces Enterprise in particular to be a huge support in setting up my business, and pointing me towards the right resources and information. When first starting out it was quite overwhelming just how much information and resources are out there for military families to get started on their business journey, and I was grateful of the support.

What areas do you think are important to highlight on International Women’s Day?

I think it is important to highlight, now more than ever, around International Women’s Day that there are fewer barriers to achieving your dreams and goals than ever before. It really is a time where women can have it all; raise a family and have a career of their own. I have found this is something the military have been really supportive with, that there is less gender bias in recent years and we are looked at as a family unit. However not all have had experiences like me, and I think this is an area that still needs challenging. Why, in 2021, are our roles in the family still not seen as being interchangeable, because, now more than ever, women can have it all; a career, and a family.

Lucy received funding support through our Start Up Loans delivery programme. Keep up to date with Lucy’s journey by following Calming Moments Aromatherapy on Facebook and Instagram.

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