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XFE and Findr

Findr Channel Partnership

In our mission to help the Armed Forces community be the best in business, XFE has established a new channel partnership with Findr, the world’s first marketplace for business partnerships. 

Findr is transforming how businesses create partnerships by facilitating that all-important first discovery call with vetted decision-makers, 9x faster than traditional methods. Members share their partnership requirements, browse other profiles, and choose who to speak with in a single click. 

XFE recognises that partnerships play a critical role for businesses in the Armed Forces community, of all sizes – the first hurdle is securing that first meeting with the right person in a target organisation.  

And with less than a 3% chance of someone you haven’t yet met agreeing to meet with you, securing that first meeting takes a lot of time and money. 

Findr is transforming how businesses connect with each other by providing direct access to vetted decision-makers who are all actively looking to collaborate. 

9x more effective than traditional methods, members create a profile in minutes, browse other Findr member profiles, and then request a Discovery call when they spot a potential match. 

Findr is sector-agnostic and used by businesses of all sizes from startups to global enterprises including Amazon Business, Disney, Experian, Mastercard, and Uber. 

Through a positive channel partnership, XFE and Findr can support the Military In Business™ community to build sales and supplier routes. 

“Working with Findr has helped us work smarter, not harder. We have refined our prospect profiling and focused our time and resource into winning mutually beneficial business with future partners”


“We’d been trying to contact a company for weeks and weeks. Once they were on Findr we spoke with the right team in a day.”

Blink Payment

“Findr helps us to discover and engage with a diverse range of businesses seeking to develop new and innovative partnerships.
By working with Findr we have broadened our view, and developed a useful network along the way.”


Transform how your business creates partnerships with Findr

Enter your details to see the Findr plans available, use code XFORCES when you sign up, and get started today.


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