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From Dealing with Military Intelligence To Understanding Human Performance

A desire for a better lifestyle and financial independence were the triggers which helped Ben Price make up his mind and set up a business through which he could achieve his goals whilst also pursue his passion for understanding human performance and rehabilitation.

After eight years as a military intelligence analyst, he had seen more than his fair share of injuries.  This led him to develop a performance-and-rehabilitation-based business concept – which became the spring-board for The Fitness Masters, an online strength and mobility coaching business. Through The Fitness Masters, Ben helps people who want to get back into fitness, upgrade their lifestyle, and be more effective persons, physically and mentally.

Ben started the business with funds from his own savings.  It was hard at first and as Ben said, “Having no income for a period of time has been the main obstacle.”

Ben attended an XFE self-employment workshop and was further supported through exposure via the XFE social media channels. He now has plans to develop the online coaching and subscription service to allow location independence.

As Ben commented, “I love the freedom that comes together with having your own business.  I would advise anyone thinking about becoming an entrepreneur to go ahead and just do it.”

You can find out more about Ben’s business, The Fitness Masters, at the following links:

Facebook: @thefitnessmasters
Twitter: @fitnessmasters1
LinkedIn: @benprice

If like Ben you too are interested in pursuing your passion and are considering self-employment, we run a series of free Self-Employment Discovery Workshops! Find out more via


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