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GKN Aerospace

A Corporate Member since 2019 GKN Aerospace, part of The Melrose Group, are an active member of the XFE Big Business supporting Small Business (BBsSB) initiative; influencing policy work in the sector and strategy implementation for XFE.

Employees from GKN Aerospace actively engage in mentoring and specialist business knowledge exchange to support the Military-in-Business Community; offer themselves to speak or participate at networking events and special seminars. Particular focus is placed on sales, marketing and supply chain management.

“The Big Business supporting Small Business initiative from XFE is something that makes sense on so many different levels for organisations like ours who really want to offer support to service leavers, who are innovative, adaptable and entrepreneurial. The network that XFE has built is second to none.”

Mark Miller, UK Business Development Director, GKN Aerospace

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