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May 25, 2022
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Going Green Is Good For Your Business

Going Green Is Good For Your Business

The more we learn about our environmental impact, the more we understand the responsibility of supporting sustainability efforts. Adopting a green approach to business practices shows a commitment to promoting future global ecological and social balance...

Sustainability is a long-term goal that can drive positive change in the environment when incorporated into corporate strategies. As more consumers align with companies that share their values, going green is good for the environment and is also good for your business. Sustainability has fast become a business opportunity, benefiting your business finances, reputation, workplace culture, and employee morale.

The benefits of going green

Build customer base - sustainability is now a crucial factor in how we shop. Eco-conscious consumers are on the rise, and this sizable demographic advocate for brands that prioritise environmental, social, and ethical standards.

Increase customer loyalty - going green is also an opportunity to increase the loyalty of your current customers. Whether associating with ethical companies or ditching plastic packaging, consumers take their own steps to cut their environmental impact.

Improve employee happiness - your employees are a top priority. Did you know that employees of green companies are happier, more motivated, and feel more valued? This is because sustainability initiatives show a business has a social conscience, resulting in positive company culture and higher quality of work/life.

Sometimes a phishing email doesn’t include a link, but could come in the form of an unexpected invoice, perhaps threatening legal action if you don’t pay up immediately or alternatively more positive emails with the promise that you are due a tax rebate.

Enjoy tax benefits - governments worldwide incentivise corporate sustainability, offering tax-related benefits to companies that invest in green technology and renewable energy.

How do you go green?

Going green requires an open mind and a willingness to see the bigger picture. The sustainable measures of eco-conscious companies – big or small – have the potential to impact our world significantly.

Giving your employees the option to work from home is a win-win for you and your staff. Not only is it good for productivity but working from home is also an excellent sustainability initiative. It requires no commuting, reducing fuel emissions with fewer cars on the road. Less staff in the office also means reduced workplace energy consumption.

Innovative technologies have given us an array of simple ways to reduce energy consumption. If you’re serious about going green, consider adopting energy-efficient initiatives. Similarly, packaging is a leading contributor to the world’s growing plastic problem. You won’t be taken seriously as a sustainable business if you’re stuck in the dark ages of plastic packaging.

Digitalizing your company’s documentation can significantly reduce – or potentially eliminate – the need for paper in the office. Going paperless is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. If it is necessary to use paper, opt for recycled paper and ensure your employees print double-sided to half your workplace consumption.

When your business has officially ‘gone green’ sustainability will become part of your employees’ job descriptions. Staff sustainability training ensures all of your employees share and support your environmental values and understand their role in implementing them.

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