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July 7, 2015
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Grow your digital skills with Google!

Google’s Digital Garages are in Leeds and Birmingham, where experts are available for one to one meetings to discuss and improve your digital presence. Online the programme builds a personalised desktop of lessons to meet challenges that you face, and you learn at your own pace. Simple questions help the site to choose the lessons that you need, as well as showing your ideas that you may not have thought of connecting to your business before.

X-Forces own marketing department have been refreshing their digital skills with this programme.

“It’s a great set of tools,” says our Marketing Manager, “Marketing and digital issues are some of the most common questions we get from X-Forces businesses. These tools let you take control of your own digital education, and learn at you and your business’ own pace.”

Topics covered by these lessons stretch from digital business basics, getting noticed online, email marketing, advertising, analytics and social media – to name a few!

Visit the Digital Garage website to get started!

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