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February 22, 2018
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From Help for Heroes to Holistic Care, RAF Veteran Ruth Inspired by Wounded, Injured & Sick Community

Care Force Consulting Limited uses an Integrative and Functional Medicine approach to patients with the aim of getting to the root cause of their chronic health problems. It offers a thorough medical assessment, investigations as required, and a holistic management plan with follow up that is based on the five key pillars of health: restorative sleep, nutritious food, the right balance of exercise, effective stress management techniques and good interpersonal relationships.

Dr Ruth Wilde, an RAF veteran, spent 16 years in the Military working in many different locations and environments around the world before she sustained an injury in 2014 which forced her to leave the Armed Forces. Ruth was then inspired to start up her own business after hearing from other medically discharged personnel who had taken the same steps. She described,

As a result of my own injury and recovery pathway and the frustrations I encountered with traditional clinical care, I was introduced to the concepts of Functional and Integrative Medicine. It wasn’t, however, until I attended the Recovery Foundation Course at Tedworth House and the Help for Heroes and X-Forces Enterprise Business Experience Course that I realised that this was absolutely within the realms of possibility and there has been no turning back since!

Like any new business Ruth encountered a number of obstacles but with the help and support of X-Forces Enterprise she got the help she needed to overcome them.

Continuing medical education at the same time as getting the business off the ground is hard work, but I feel very lucky to have the support of the X-Forces Enterprise team and my husband, the technical guru!

While Ruth feels that challenging times are inevitable, she offers this advice to anyone thinking about becoming an entrepreneur:

If you’re going to do something, do it as well as you can. In order to achieve this, you will need continued motivation that will get you through. My advice for continued motivation is to ensure that you’re working towards a goal that you feel passionate about and aren’t just doing something because you can. I love this Japanese concept of Ikigai or “reason for being” and think we should all be working towards it.

Ruth attended the Help for Heroes and X-Forces Enterprise Business Experience Course in October 2017 and an X-Forces Enterprise Sales and Marketing Masterclass in February 2018 which was supported by ABF The Soldiers Charity.

Before doing these courses Ruth confessed that she had absolutely no idea what running her own business involved.

The Business Experience course has been invaluable to me. It gave such a thorough introduction into setting up in business that I’ve gained the confidence required to go ahead with plans I never previously dreamed of! Having to work through each aspect of the business plan whilst having the opportunity to brainstorm with others on the course has made for a fantastic foundation for my plans.

On the course Ruth benefited from the highly knowledgeable and experienced tutors and mentors. While outside of the course, X-Forces Enterprise has also provided excellent support and information when required.

I’ve just signed up to the X-Forces Enterprise directory and hope that this will also help to expand the reach and influence of my business.

The future looks bright for Care Force Consulting. Ruth already has a number of allied professionals with whom she is collaborating and cross-referring clients, and is looking to continue building these contacts and opportunities.

X-Forces Enterprise has recently helped me to connect with DH Sports Therapy, a physical therapy service and X-Forces / Help for Heroes beneficiary with whom we are now working on offering joint consultations and wellness seminars for both veterans and fitness communities. We are approaching military charities to help fund this venture and make it affordable at the point of delivery to the veterans. There has already been some interest from veterans across the UK.

To find out more about Care Force Consulting, please visit the links below:

Facebook: @careforceconsulting
Instagram: @careforceconsulting
LinkedIn: RuthWilde

If you’re considering self-employment like Ruth, we run a series of free Self-Employment Discovery Workshops with ABF The Soldiers’ Charity! Find out more via


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