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October 16, 2017
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James Lawrence of Ex-MilitaryCareers.com is New X-Forces London Ambassador

James Lawrence, former British Army infantry soldier and co-founder of Ex-MilitaryCareers.com, has officially signed up to be an X-Forces Ambassador for London.

Ex-Military Careers’ partnership with X-Forces is a perfect blend of resources and purpose. With X-Forces leading the way on entrepreneurial training and Ex-Military Careers’ expertise matching veterans with full-time employment, the two organisations will collaborate to cover all their beneficiaries’ career needs.

“Enterprise is something that X-Forces does very well, and if there is a business that does something better I am always going to be open to partnering with them. There is no better way to help our beneficiaries than partnering with X-Forces, and I really do think X-Forces compliments our business very well,” said James Lawrence.

James’ business, Ex-MilitaryCareers.com was started through social media platforms such as LinkedIn in 2010 but has grown dramatically since 2014. As a veteran himself, James struggled to transition from the Army to civilian life. He created a group on LinkedIn to connect with other veterans and post about job opportunities for life after the Army. This group quickly grew to 5,000 members and is now up to a network of 10,000. With massive numbers of ex-military personal showing a clear need for help transiting into civilian jobs, James and his brother (and twin!) Ashley Lawrence decided to become business partners and make Ex-MilitaryCareers.com a family business.

Their website now draws a huge number of veterans from the U.K. with 10% of their traffic also hailing from the United States. The platform matches veterans with potential jobs and allows them to apply for those jobs through the website. Employers can post job listings and hire people through the platform as well. They also advertise courses and workshops for members of the Armed Forces as well as general career transition advice.

“We are delighted and proud that James is an Ambassador for London X-Forces. Having served himself and now as an entrepreneur, he has on many occasions demonstrated how the attributes of both the military and business can interweave to do something exceptional. We look forward to having him at the forefront to inspire and support others as they embark on their X-Forces enterprise journey,” said X-Forces CEO Ren Kapur MBE.

Website: http://www.ex-militarycareers.com/

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