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September 19, 2019
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September 23, 2019


September Side Hustle



So, what is a side hustle?

A side hustle is a job which you have alongside your full-time employment. Often, a side hustle is a small business which begins as a hobby! Side hustles have become increasingly popular as a means of keeping yourself in touch with something you’re passionate about whilst also topping up your income.

We often meet entrepreneurs who would love to make their side hustle their full-time focus but cannot afford to do so yet. Side hustles are also a great way of building up a small business to the point where it can sustain your wages and you’re able to leave the day job thereby considerably reducing the risk involved in entrepreneurship.


Side hustle ideas

Like the idea of a side hustle but not sure what you could do? Here are some of the side hustles which our #XFSuccess entrepreneurs have set up with a start-up loan of under £3000 and support from our dedicated Business Advisory team.


Side Hustle


  • Online stores – we’ve seen a whole range of creative startup side hustles selling anything from handmade crafts to clothing and jewellery; car valeting products to children’s activity packs and nutritional supplements to wedding favours.
  • Dog walking
  • Freelance marketing, blogging or copywriting services
  • Executive PA
  • Web designer
  • Online coach/mentor
  • Photographer
  • Garden maintenance/handyman work
  • Cleaning services
  • Professional cake making services
  • Mobile beautician
  • Car detailing/valeting


#XFSuccess Kerry-Ann successfully set up Gabby’s World after struggling to find culturally diverse toys for her daughter. She successfully sold the dolls online and at local events and did this alongside her full-time banking role. To read more about Kerry-Ann’s story click HERE.


Side Hustle



Top 3 Tips to make your side-hustle SUCCESSFUL

1) Make dedicated time to work on your side hustle, whether that’s an hour every evening, or a day every weekend – having designated time set aside will make sure your small business still gets the attention it deserves.


2) Marketing – the quickest way to grow a successful side hustle is to reach as wide a potential audience as possible. Marketing doesn’t need to cost loads: set up your social media pages in advance of launching and log into them on your phone so you can easily post online or check to see if any customers have contacted you during your lunch break without it interrupting your day job.


Marketing Side Hustle


3) Don’t overdo it – Having a full-time job and running your own business simultaneously can be quite demanding so make sure you schedule in some downtime to avoid entrepreneur burn-out. Running a business in something you’re passionate about can help not make your side hustle feel like a chore.


How can X-Forces Enterprise help me set up my side hustle?

Setting up a successful side hustle is about starting small and building your growth from there. We can support you with a small start-up loan and will assign you a dedicated Business Advisor and ongoing mentoring support for 12 months to help you maintain and grow your business so you always feel supported through your journey. We also host various workshops and events to help make your small business as successful as possible. We do not charge you for any of our support.

Start Your Journey by registering today HERE.


X-Forces Support



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