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The Young Entrepreneur who is Taking Skincare Back to Basics

Cosmetics Entrepreneur

At just 22, Bethany D’Inverno from London may be one of the younger entrepreneurs that X-Forces Enterprise (XFE) has had the pleasure to support, but she demonstrates the same determination to succeed.

Bethany’s business, CACTI Cosmetics, offers a range of skincare products that are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free.

The idea behind CACTI Cosmetics had been in Bethany’s mind for a number of years, but became real when she graduated from university.

“Throughout my time at university, I had an idea in the back of mind to create vegan, plastic-free lip balms and the thought wouldn’t go away. After travelling around Thailand with my boyfriend, I was unsure what to do now that I had completed my education so I combined my passion of veganism, natural products and reducing plastic pollution with my love of business.
“Once I started planning, the concept and delivery all fell into place and I knew it was going to be amazing.”

CACTI Cosmetics     Bethany D’Inverno - CACTI Cosmetics


Bethany’s aim is to take skincare back to basics with for completely natural, vegan products.  She believes that high quality should be accessible for everyone and to treat ourselves, and our planet, with the most kindness possible.

“Creating amazing products that don’t harm animals, the environment, or us is at the heart of CACTI Cosmetics from product to packaging. Nature gave us everything we need to take care of our mind, body and soul and your skin will thank you for treating it to the highest quality, 100% natural ingredients, given to you by Mother Nature herself.
“All CACTI products are fully recyclable or biodegradable and completely plastic-free. My mission is to have a completely biodegradable product range accessible to everyone, everywhere.”

The CACTI Cosmetics range includes oils, exfoliators and balms for the face, lips and body.  The products first went on sale in November 2018 and are already gaining glowing reviews from consumers. CACTI products are available to purchase online via her website, and Bethany welcomes enquiries from trade stockists.

XFE has helped Bethany with business planning guidance and access to funding.  Her Start-Up Loan of £2000 has enabled her to bring the business idea to market.


“I invested all of my own money beforehand but I knew there was certain things I needed to do to have the best start possible.  The loan has helped me get better quality labels, increase my knowledge of the industry and buy more ingredients.
“X-Forces has shown me fantastic support.  Anthony & Dax have paid genuine interest in my business and to have their belief has been really encouraging.”

CACTI Cosmetics Oils     CACTI Cosmetics Exfoliators     CACTI Cosmetics balms for the face, lips and body


Like all new businesses, Bethany hasn’t found the path to launch to be smooth, the primary obstacles being financial.


“I had my passion, I had my idea and I had my dream so the only thing left to do was make it a reality.  I didn’t expect things to go 100% smoothly and I see that as a normal part of being in business.  The moment I held my first finished product, I knew any obstacle encountered so far or those still to come would be worth it.”


Despite her young age, Bethany’s combined pragmatism and positivity has enabled her to turn her passion into a credible business.

“I embrace the fact that the business outcome is down to me.  If I work hard, stay positive and remain passionate then the rest will come naturally.  I love what I do, being able to blend creativity with commerce doesn’t feel like work to me, it’s exciting.
“If I could go back to day one, I would tell myself that everything is going to work out and be incredible. Take it one step at a time and don’t lose sight of the vision.”

Bethany’s father, Michael, was a Guardsman in the 1st Battalion, Coldstream Guards. After tours of Bosnia and Northern Ireland, he decided to pursue a more family-friendly career at home in North Yorkshire and became a Police Constable.

“I think I’ve inherited my father’s commitment to upholding your beliefs and working hard to achieve your goals.  I’m lucky to have a wonderfully supportive family and boyfriend and they have all helped me take a step forward in one way or another.”


CACTI Cosmetics - X-Forces Enterprise     CACTI Cosmetics balms for the face, lips and body


XFE CEO, Ren Kapur MBE, identifies with Bethany’s young start in business:

I started my first limited company at 18 and it was the best thing ever I did.  Learning about business gave me a solid grounding for my future roles, both employed and self-employed.  It is encouraging to see focused young women like Bethany starting promising businesses and exciting that they’ll become role models for others to follow their lead.”


For more information about Bethany’s business, CACTI Cosmetics, please visit:


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Is an award-winning Community Interest Company that nurtures entrepreneurial ambition in the UK military community and are the official delivery partner to the government’s Start Up Loans Company and Career Transition Partnership (MoD). XFE has supported over 1,350 entrepreneurs to start their own businesses and has helped thousands more through training, events and mentoring provisions.



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