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Landmarc Support Services

Landmarc Support Services has established firm links with the Armed Forces through 2 decades of support across the MoD’s UK Defense Training Estate, and supported X-Forces Enterprise by becoming one of the first Corporate Members. In doing so they have committed to helping members of the Armed Forces community to start-up and grow businesses when they leave the services.

As part of the partnership, Landmarc provide mentors to work with XFE entrepreneurs, When Landmarc first came on board as a Corporate Member, we had 100 business start-ups, now we have thousands. Landmarc’s support has provided mentoring expertise which has been invaluable to maintain sustainability and ongoing coaching for our military start-ups.” Without this commitment we would not have been able to provide as much support to each of our businesses”.

Landmarc Support Services are an active member of the X-Forces Enterprise Big Business Supporting Small Business steering group. There are various XFE businesses who now contribute to the Landmarc supply chain.

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