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What is business growth?
What is business growth?
June 9, 2022
How To Stand Out On LinkedIn
How To Stand Out On LinkedIn
June 16, 2022

Leading In A Changing World

Leading a changing world

In these ever-changing times, businesses must learn to react and adapt to an entirely new set of challenges - this calls for effective and influential leadership...

The CIPD reports that the following trends will impact the world of work and the roles of both employers and employees:

  • Internal Change: Evolving Organisational Models, Structures, and Processes
  • Digital and Technological Transformation
  • Changing Demographics and D&I Strategy
  • Diversifying Employment Relationships
  • Sustainability, Purpose, and Responsible Business

The impact of these external trends will be shaped by internal factors such as employee management, work culture, and leadership.

COVID-19 demonstrated that organisations can adapt quickly, and they will continue to do so as we withstand the impacts of the pandemic. Change is inevitable and responding to external changes will always be important. However, many business models aren’t currently designed to be agile, so internal change will be the future trend, which requires engagement and buy-in across businesses.

Leaders play a pivotal role here, as leadership is linked to successful change implementation. There are many important characteristics, but the way leaders communicate change, manage issues, and 'role model' new behaviours will influence the success of business change and culture.

Leaders create the ‘Tone from the Top’

What are the leadership behaviours you need to embody in order to deliver new models and purpose? In their report, professionals emphasised to CIPD the importance of clear messaging, transparency, and servant leadership (serving the business and its people) as vital to future success.

Leaders have a pivotal role in leading the change, and doing so in a purpose-led, sustainable way that considers the needs and perspectives of different stakeholder groups, taking a principles-based, ethical approach to decision-making.

Many business leaders recognised that having clear purpose and values acted as a guiding light in decision-making through COVID-19. Moving forward, setting values, purpose and mission will be more important for leaders in the context of social change and increased expectations from investors and employees to adopt more sustainable business practices.

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