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Lets go Doggy Day Care

Times of hardship or life-changing events can sometimes lead to bigger and better things. In 2015 former Army Private Laura Sellars was diagnosed with Epilepsy, leaving her unable to drive to her job as a teacher and public transport would have taken her 4 hours to get there.

It was time for Laura to realise her dream of starting up her own business. She began researching how to be a dog walker but concluded that there was too much competition, till one day when she saw an opportunity to follow her dream of opening a kennel. However realising that a kennel would be difficult right off the bat, Laura wasn’t put off and she decided to start smaller and open a Dog Day care centre. Let’s Go Doggy Day Care is for people who own dogs and work long hours but don’t want to put them in kennels all day or pay a lot for an hour dog walking. The day care is about letting dogs have fun, calming anxiety and to get them to socialise with other dogs. As the saying goes, great oaks from little acorns grow!

Laura got in touch with us at X-Forces, seeking assistance in accessing start-up funding and guidance to realise her dream. Working with one of our Business Advisors, Laura started her business plan and cash flow, and was steadily approaching her dream of being her own boss. Then the first hurdle came; Laura was advised to reconsider her plans for a large unit from the outset. Determined not to give up and following the guidance from her Advisor to start off with a single unit, Laura’s application was approved and she was able to put a deposit down on a premises and have some left over for a few months’ rent.

In the next 6 months Laura would like to take on another unit to allow more parking, an office and extra space for the dogs. In a years’ time she would like to have a van so she can offer a drop off and pick-up service for dogs and build a groom room.

When asked on that advice she would give to others looking to pursue their business ambitions Laura said; “I would say do it. There has been many tears along my journey but I have finally done something that I enjoy. Don’t ever give up on what you want to achieve.”

If you’re seeking funding for your business idea, find out how to apply via the Start Up Loans Company (SULCO)


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