Lord Addington joins X-Forces as honorary patron - X-Forces Enterprise
Armed Forces Day business conference: Guildford
June 16, 2015
Support for Military start-ups surpasses £4 Million
July 7, 2015

Lord Addington joins X-Forces as honorary patron

Of the relationship Lord Addington said, “I was delighted to be invited to be the patron for X-Forces. Their work is important in helping the ex-military community by providing a range of support and help, including start-up loans to those seeking self-employment. I share their vision of making a real difference to the community, helping them in a range of ways from providing start-up loans to training to ensure individuals have the information and life skills to make the right decision.”

CEO and Founder of X-Forces, Ren Kapur, said: “Every day more military entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, and this event will have been the spark for more to embark on their journey. We are building a supportive network that includes corporate partners, charities, government and military organisations. Small businesses play a vital role in boosting growth and creating jobs, and we are thrilled to nurture this new generation of employers who, thanks to their military backgrounds, have the focus and tenacity to succeed.”

Lord Addington kindly opened and spoke at X-Forces Armed Forces Day Enterprise Conference in Swindon, 26 June, 2015.

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