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July 1, 2016
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Monkey Wrench Bespoke

Passion leads to great things

Passion usually leads to great things and the story is no different for James Hunter of Monkey Wrench Bespoke. Having a lifelong passion for automotive pursuits, it was only natural for James to get into business doing what he loves best; modifying vehicles.

One day James bought a set of LED lights for his car and the seller asked him to keep him updated on the progress, James did so and the seller requested that James make some lighting modifications to his vehicle. James continued to post the results on social media and attracted a lot of keen interest from the car ‘modding’ community, which led to his LED lightbulb moment; “Why don’t I start a business around this?”

Around Christmas 2015 James decided to go for it. He left his job as a chef with the intention of working on Monkey Wrench Bespoke full time, offering bespoke vehicle lighting modifications. Roll on to April and James was ready to expand, ordering parts from China was becoming time-consuming and as it stood he was only able to work on Ford cars which limited his work opportunities.

James contacted X-Forces Enterprise for assistance in accessing start-up funding to get the equipment needed to expand Monkey Wrench Bespoke. Working closely with our Business Advisors, James developed his business plan and cash flow forecast with the intention to get a 3D printer to produce his own parts and products. Having been successful in his application James is ready to take Monkey Wrench bespoke to bigger and better places. Offering a bespoke service, James is more than capable of catering to the needs and requests of clients.

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