NatWest - X-Forces Enterprise

X-Forces and NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland and Holt’s Military Banking


In 2012 when Ren was drawing together the core elements of how X-Forces would work, one thing was clear. To effectively support the Armed Forces community in Enterprise X-Forces needed to bring together key players from Government, Charity and Big Business.

A Corporate Member of X-Forces since 2015, the NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland  and Holt’s Military Banking family have proactively supported X-Forces’ and more importantly, our X-Forces Business Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs.

We have delivered joint workshops to provide entrepreneurs with the first building blocks to turn their ideas into reality, and brought stakeholders together to highlight the Enterprise agenda for the Armed Forces community in Scotland.

In 2016 we announced further collaboration and joint initiatives that make Enterprise, Business Start-Up and Scale-Up accessible to this inspiring community.

On our 3rd Anniversary was supported by NatWest where we asked guests to ‘Imagine If…’ and alongside delegates from Government, Charity and Big Business look at how we can bring more innovation and enterprise to the support of the Armed Forces community.

“Thank you to NatWest for supporting our third anniversary. Collaboration from Big Business is having a positive impact on every aspect of the X-Forces community” Martin Wing, X-Forces Chairman.

It is through partners such as NatWest that X-Forces will continue to ask where innovation will come from next, and how we can harness the entrepreneurial spirit with the Armed Forces community to make this a reality for them and society at large. The Armed Forces after all created the Microwave, The Computer, the first Jeep and much more!

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