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April 6, 2020
Agile in a Crisis: Meet the former Soldier turned Drone Pilot that has overcome disability to steer his business through the Coronavirus outbreak.
April 30, 2020

Neel Singh of Dorking Brewery: Adaptive & Resilient

X-Forces Enterprise CEO, Ren Kapur, sat down with Neel Singh of Dorking Brewery last year for our Military in Business Podcast series. Read what she had to say about Neel below, then click the link to listen to the full podcast:

It has been a pleasure to know, support and work with Dorking Brewery owner, Neel Singh, over the past 4 years. The drive and passion he has for business completely shines through and this is testament to the success that clearly oozes from him.

One of the things that has always been at the forefront of my mind when I hear about the success stories from the Armed Forces in Business, is ‘Why do the Armed Forces Make Good Business Leaders?’ Be that in their own business or working for others, the answer is always the same for me.

The training and mindset that comes from being part of the armed forces lends itself to the journey of success. That doesn’t mean it is always smooth sailing and far from it, in fact it is when times are tough that these attributes really shine through. For instance, ‘Adaptive’ and ‘Resilient’ are two of my favourites and the two that Neel and I often mention, and to be honest they have never been more valuable and relevant than right now, as we find ourselves in the eye of the coronavirus.

Dorking Brewery is one of many thousands of SMEs that has been hit by the coronavirus. By using ‘Adaptive and Resilient’, Neel has had to quickly adapt to bring to market a different way of providing his products and overcome the challenges of having 90% of his order book stopping overnight. He has been able to restructure the business so that he is able rescue at least 60%, and may this continue to be the case over this unprecedented time.

This is a great achievement for Neel and not everyone would have the opportunity to do this despite their own drive and attributes, so our thoughts are with every small business at this time.

At the end of last year I sat down with Neel for an episode of our Military in Business podcast, before COVID-19 disrupted our daily lives, and we talked about Dorking Brewery, his military experience and the importance of community & support in making it as a small business. Listen here.

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