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Paul Scully MP Responds to Military in Business® Network

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Paul Scully MP Q&A

Question 4) X-Forces Enterprise and FSB worked together to secure a big win, a National Insurance holiday for small employers that take on a veteran. This is mostly an issue with Cabinet Office (OVA) and MoD but can The Minister at BEIS help us promote this when it takes effect, in April?

This relief is available from April 2021. From April 2021 to March 2022, employers will need to pay the associated secondary Class 1 National Insurance contributions as normal and then claim it back retrospectively from April 2022 onwards. The work is currently being led by HMRC. A technical consultation for draft legislative clauses is due to close on March 8.

As this policy is based on a manifesto commitment, it has broad support across Government, and is being led by the Rt Hon Jesse Norman MP, FST and Johnny Mercer, Minister for Defence People and Veterans. Any further Ministerial support on the launch of the scheme would be welcomed, particularly raising awareness among employers themselves.

From April 2021, a new National Insurance Contributions relief will be available to employers of veterans during their first year of civilian employment, following a manifesto commitment. This will be an addition to the wide range of existing Government support for veterans’ transition into civilian life. This cut to National Insurance contributions will provide a great incentive for employers to take veterans on; it will support those who have already given so much to this country, and it will help to unleash the great skills and huge potential of our service leavers.

This Government is the most supportive of our Armed Forces personnel and our veterans ever. Those who serve have offered to make the ultimate sacrifice in defence of our country, so we have a moral duty to provide the best possible support in their post-service life, including through meaningful employment.

There are around 2.2M Armed Forces veterans in the UK and every year around 15,000 people leave the Armed Forces. Around 60% of them are under 35 with most seeking to take up a new career or job opportunities in civilian employment.

The Government is committed to maximising the support and recognition for veterans in society, including by supporting them into successful civilian employment and recognising their unique skills and experience.

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