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October 11, 2015
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October 23, 2015

Scottish is giant Dacoll joins Militech programme

Dacoll is the first Scottish firm to partner with X-Forces, and will contribute to mentorship, training and work opportunities for X-Forces candidates.

Recipient of the 2015 Scottish Training Federation’s Medium Employer of the Year award, Dacoll uses innovative ways to bring talent into the organisation, through self-employment as well as employment. The partnership with X-Forces – a training partner of the Career Transition Partnership – facilitates a relationship with those at the varying stage of transition from the Armed Forces, to provide both support and career opportunities.

Joining with seven key firms in the Technology sector, Dacoll will contribute to X-Forces’ MiliTech Programme; a unique initiative that aims to address the shortages in the UK’s IT Industry and nurture the potential in transitioning Armed Forces personnel.

X-Forces has helped to launch 446 new entrepreneurs since its launch in July 2013, 25 of which are in Scotland. Its scheme combines practical guidance with networking and mentoring to give new entrepreneurs a strong start and ongoing backing.

Currently, 400,000 military veterans live in Scotland and, every year 1800 servicemen and women leave the Armed Forces and settle there.

CEO and Founder of X-Forces, Ren Kapur, said: “Scotland has long been identified as a key region for X-Forces, given that eight per cent of the population are military veterans. We are incredibly grateful to Dacoll for believing in our service and the Armed Forces community, as their support will enable more to realise their career aims. We are in the process of appointing a team in Scotland and we are excited about helping entrepreneurs to build on the valuable skills,
determination and focus that a Forces background instils.”

Ron Macfarlane, Business Support Manager at Dacoll said: “Dacoll recognises the competencies and value of those leaving the Armed Forces. We need skilled and disciplined people to enable us to deliver the high-quality services our customers demand and that we are known for. Our acknowledged training philosophy supports the transfer of excellent existing skills to a civilian environment. Working with X-Forces benefits all concerned.”

In addition to the corporate sector, X-Forces works closely with the Ministry of Defence and the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills as well as military charities to give Service-leavers a consolidated support network of advice and resources.

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