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October 8, 2015
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The importance of mentoring

Our support includes pre-launch business planning, the loan itself and unlike many other organisations, we then offer post-launch support for up to five years. One of the ways in which X-Forces delivers this support is by supplying our candidates with an established and experienced mentor, who is at the forefront of the corporate world.

We understand most of our candidates will have had little to no experience in running their own business, yet we know that many ex-servicemen and woman possess the essential skills for entrepreneurship. At X-Forces we believe that our mentor programme can help ensure that our candidates harness and perfect these skills.

What are the benefits of having a mentor?

Our candidates will:

  • Gain experience from a senior business professional
  • Gain confidence through guidance, assistance and support
  • Gain insight on formats, processes, shortcuts and results
  • Practice new skills, competencies and knowledge areas
  • Access a network to help with future problems
  • Gain a role model, advisor or sponsor

Mentoring is critical for any startup business. The purpose of a mentor is to guide their mentees through the difficult decisions that every business encounters. A mentor has already experienced the complications that arise from starting a business and therefore, can offer firsthand accounts of dealing with these situations, they can also provide a network of contact details.

Finally, running a business can be lonely, a mentor is always there to listen and provide support.

If you want further information or are interested in how X-Forces can help you personally, please call: 0800 3689533.

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