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The Top 3 Trending Business Categories of 2019 so far

top 3 trending business categories


We’ve had a busy start to the year at X-Forces Enterprise helping our budding entrepreneurs finalise their business plans and secure start-up funding. Looking for some inspiration on our popular start-ups? Read more about our trending start-up categories of 2019 so far:


1. Wellbeing & Therapy 

With the continuous stresses of daily life, more people are taking time to focus on themselves, boosting their wellbeing & happiness along the way.

Whether you’re looking for some time-out relaxation through massage & complementary therapies or looking to unwind at home with natural scents & products Thistle Me This have something to help you switch off.

We’ve also seen businesses catering to more specific needs such as Mind Body and Baby which offers hypnobirthing & psychological therapy to empower new parents.


Wellbeing & Therapy Wellbeing & Therapy







2. Beauty & natural skincare/cosmetics

In addition to feeling good, looking good continues to remain as popular as ever.

‘Beauticians often have a good amount of experience behind them working for someone else and are now ready to take the next step and rent a chair in a salon or set up on their own, often as a mobile beautician. Such businesses are fairly popular for their low startup costs & flexible working arrangements, thus allowing entrepreneurs to build a steady client base without taking on too much risk initially’

said XFE Senior Business Consultant Anthony James-Smith.

Cosmetics Entrepreneur

Furthermore, an increasing number of consumers are becoming mindful of the environmental impact their beauty regimes are having. This has led to a rise in eco-conscious products. CACTI Cosmetics offers a range of skincare products that are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free allowing young entrepreneur Bethany D’Inverno to combine her ‘passion for veganism, natural products and reducing plastic pollution with my love of business.’

3. Food and drink

Trending recently have been cafes serving a host of innovative coffee mix drinks and homemade cakes (no doubt boosted in popularity by the Great British Bake Off!). Street food businesses are also an increasingly popular start-up choice with a lower initial outlay cost and the flexibility of moving between festivals and other pop up venues. Not only do they have the reduced risk of a fixed premises but they also make for very fun social media accounts.

Burnout BBQ

Burnout BBQ are a fun start-up who serve BBQ’s from a 1951 Ford F1 Pickup.

  If our super startups have given you the inspiration you need to pursue your own entrepreneurial ambitions or if you think you have the next trending start-up idea then get in touch with the XFE team to see how we can help you. You will be assigned your own dedicated business adviser who will help you access a low interest government backed start-up loan of up to £25,000 per applicant and be given ongoing mentoring support. We also run a range of start-up workshops to help you along your journey. We don’t charge you for any of our services. Click here to register your interest now and become one step closer to becoming your own boss.


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