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Tri-service Spouses, Partners and Family Members Join Forces in Self-Employment Discovery Course

Over the course of this year, we’ve made it one of our primary goals to ensure our free training and educational courses are accessed by as many people as possible, at a time when making informed and logical decisions is more important than ever. One of these training programmes was a brand new Self Employment Discovery course, spanning over three separate days, exclusively for Tri-Service spouses, partners and family members.

This virtually-delivered course, in collaboration with the Army, RAF & Navy Family Federations, and generously supported by The Royal British Legion, covered key topics such as:

  • Pros & Cons of Self-Employment
  • What starting a business means for you, your family and your finances
  • Analysis of the Business Plan
  • Marketing, Finance & Sustainability

Attendees were treated to a host of special guest speakers over the three days, including Ren Kapur MBE, Founder and CEO of X-Forces Enterprise, and Carrie Moss, XFE Ambassador and Founder of Edith Limited.

Ren, speaking on the Self Employment course:

”My advice on starting a business, is to go on courses like these and speak to people. On here there are 8 others who are ‘consultants’ to each other to help you with your business ideas and help you develop. Now multiply that with other courses you do. I would always encourage you to be as networked as possible.”

We’re delighted to be running further editions of this programme, simply visit the event page to view a full list of our events and book your free place today. The course is open to all Tri-service spouses, partners and family members.

Roger Cawte, XFE Training Manager, welcomed eight enthusiastic attendees onboard for its first outing, and the feedback has been incredibly positive. Read some accounts below:





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