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November 11, 2015
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November 20, 2015

X-Forces awarded CTP Enterprise Training Contract

X-Forces has been appointed Business Enterprise Trainer for the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), a partnering agreement between Right Management and the Ministry of Defence.

Since October 2005 and the subsequent renewal of the contract on October 1st 2015, resettlement services for the UK Armed Forces have been provided by the CTP. Armed Forces personnel that are interested in business ownership and self-employment will now be referred to X-Forces’; the first training courses for the CTP are scheduled in November 2015.

As featured in the Times, X-Forces will deliver one-day and three-day courses to Service leavers at locations across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

The one-day programme will introduce the ideas of self-employment, and support individuals to understand what personal and professional requirements they need to consider before embark into business start-ups. The three day programme will equip attendees to take their ideas to market.

The CTP contract from the MOD will enable the X-Forces service to reach even more Service leavers.

CEO and Founder of X-Forces, Ren Kapur, said: “The awarding of this contract is a great achievement for X-Forces and is recognition for the effective and credible package of support we lend to our candidates on their transition journey. Through the CTP, we can reach out to even more Service men and women who hold the ideal skills, focus and determination for successful business ownership, and who will be providing growth and employment to the UK economy.”

CTP Head of Transition, Tim Cairns, said: “The CTP is delighted to be working with X Forces to deliver Self Employment Awareness workshops to Service leavers. Self-employment is an area that many Service leavers consider, and the new programme will provide a key starting point, enabling attendees to make an informed choice about their future career. The enhanced ongoing support from X Forces, for those who choose to pursue self-employment, is a great addition to CTP’s current programme.”

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