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March 9, 2016
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March 21, 2016

X-Forces celebrates launch event for Wales in Caerphilly

Today X-Forces are proud to have held their official launch in Wales to celebrate the growing option of enterprise careers for the armed forces across the Uk. A greatly anticipated event, the Wales launch saw members of the Ministry of Defence, military charities and Welsh Government all gather to recognise self-employment as a credible path for service leavers and their families.

The officials in attendance had nothing but words of fulfilment and positivity around X-Forces and the work already put in place. Councillor Keith Reynolds pointed out that “organisations such as X-Forces play a key role in supporting individuals throughout their transition, and we were delighted to host the launch of X-Forces here in Caerphilly.” While X-Forces’ own CEO, Ren Kapur, expressed her pride in the Company’s expansion, as she says that “We know that there is great potential for Wales for more entrepreneurs to emerge, and we are here to support them.”

Also in attendance at the launch today was welsh entrepreneur Richard Beecher who owns the aerial filming and drone company, Skytec. Richard launched Skytec in October 2015 after noticing the high demand for aerial filming, and with the help of X-Forces he hasn’t looked back since. The 44 year old film enthusiast, who spent 6 years in the 1st Queens Dragoon Guards (Welsh Cavalry), said “I’m thankful for the excellent advice from X-Forces when it comes to managing the administrative side of things, so I can spend the maximum time on the exciting projects I’m invited to work on.” Richard is just one of many Welsh start-ups that have benefitted from the advantages of X-Forces’ support and advice.

In just under 3 years X-Forces have helped over 55 start-up businesses and lent over £5 million to fund these service leavers and families’ goals and ambitions. With over 100 registrations a week and a strong success rate it’s easy to see why X-Forces have chosen to expand further into Wales.

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