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The Poppy Factory supports veterans with health conditions on their journey into employment, helping them overcome any barriers.

Four out of five of the veterans they work with report a mental health condition. Whatever their situation, and whatever they are going through, their employment team is on hand to offer one-to-one support.

The Poppy Factory’s service is veteran-centred and helps ex-Forces job seekers of all ages, including many over 50. The people they support move into a diverse range of jobs across many different sectors, from logistics and construction to the charity sector and health care.

Self-employment is also one of the routes that these beneficiaries may choose to take, and X-Forces Enterprise works closely with The Poppy Factory to provide the guidance and support needed to nurture these ambitions once referred through to us. All of our free training and mentoring options are available to these beneficiaries, including self-employment workshops, networking events, access to our knowledge Hub with hundreds of free articles, and mentoring support from our 150+ business captains.

The Poppy Factory has been supporting veterans with health conditions for nearly 100 years.

They continue to stand by them on their journey into employment and beyond.

To register for support for information about their employment service, please visit www.poppyfactory.org/are-you-looking-for-work/


Contact details: Email: support@poppyfactory.org

Telephone: 020 8939 1837

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