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February 25, 2016
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X-Forces Supports Health Conscious Business Jim Jams

Congratulations to Kevin and Kellie Bath for the reception they have received for their healthy spreads and jams business, Jim Jams! This month they have been featured in articles written by both The Daily Mail and The Evening Standard, praising them for their efforts in saving our children from rotten teeth and childhood obesity.

Finding a healthier, and just as tasty, solution to eating jams and spreads like Nutella is now much simpler than you think, thanks to the former Royal Navy Corporal and his wife. The husband and wife business partners were both shocked when discovering that a jar of children’s beloved Nutella contained 57 cubes of sugar inside, but found it difficult to find a healthier solution. Realising there was a major gap in the market for healthy and sugar free alternatives to their kid’s favourite snacks, Mr and Mrs Bath decided to create their own. Jim Jams now holds the Great taste Award and was featured on an episode of BBC One’s Inside Out East, which focused on recognising unhealthy foods and their healthier alternatives.

With Jim Jams’ spreads produce raspberry jam, orange marmalade, milk chocolate and strawberry jam, also with high fruit content and reduced cocoa so it’s not difficult to see why these surprisingly tasty treats are doing so well. All of Jim Jams produce are gluten free, diabetic friendly, kind to teeth and only 35 calories per serving; Kevin and Kellie have really gone the extra mile to be sure that their spreads and jams are healthy and safe for everyone.



Now that the government’s attention has focused on obesity and getting people more active, Jim Jams fits perfectly into looking at foods for the future. Kevin is also in talks to expand the brand further and into chain supermarkets, allowing everyone to access the benefits of healthy alternatives. Here at X-Forces we are incredibly proud to support positive and sustainable companies like Jim Jams with family at the centre of their business.

To find out more about Jim Jams you can visit their Website, Facebook or Twitter.

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