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March 15, 2017
March 22, 2017

X-Forces Visits Blind Veterans UK

Having had another successful week in Brighton visiting Blind Veterans UK, we have had the pleasure of meeting some very inspirational people. We have been lucky enough to deliver beneficial training over the course of 4 days to visually-impaired veterans who are considering going down the self-employment route.
The aim of the course is to help delegates cover considerations to self-employment including access to key business planning information, the importance of marketing and financial forecasting.

Steve Parnell who attended our course last year has successfully re-trained to become a sports massage therapist where he works part time at the local Nuffield Health Centre.
Having joined the RAF in 1986 as a senior aircraftman working in the Officer’s mess and Transit hotel, Steve was unfortunately medically discharged in 1991 due to an eye condition.
This condition progressed and Steve was registered blind. Steve has never given up and has continued to re-train and develop new ways of coping with his condition so he can continue working in a self-employed capacity.

“No matter what your circumstances are you can always find something that you can do. Someone from blind veterans once told me that you need to Accept, Adjust and Achieve. Disability is not a barrier and if you follow that advice and then you can achieve anything”
Backed up with a range of support from X-Forces and Blind Veterans, Steve’s business has progressed from strength to strength and we wish him all the success in the future. To find out more about Steve or his Sports Massage Business, please visit: www.spsportsmassage.co.uk

Contact Blind Veterans UK: www.blindveterans.org.uk/contact-us/

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