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Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Covid-19 restrictions impacted most businesses but those who were agile and able to pivot are the ones that survived to tell the tale. An increased focus on organisations’ online presence was near the top of most priority lists, as was a more creative use of social media.

You may have upped the time you spend on LinkedIn or opened a Facebook shop, created an Instagram account or carefully targeted your Tweets. Or you may have done none of these. Either way, with the pandemic now behind us, it’s worth taking the time to think about your social media marketing strategy.

Your strategy should be part of your overall marketing plan. It must set out clearly what you hope to achieve, and it should contain smart goals. Think about your audience – who are you targeting? Which social media platforms might your target audience be using? Are you clear on the demographics of your potential clients – age, gender, location, things they like, things they need? 

1. What's your investment?

Social media marketing is a double-pronged investment; it takes time and/or budget. Be realistic about how long you can spend on social media each day – after all, you still need to spend time running your business and it’s easy to get distracted. Think about whether you’ll be advertising on Facebook, boosting posts on Instagram, upgrading your LinkedIn profile, paying a content writer, using third-party posting platforms, engaging a social media manager. You may not need to do any of these things, but allow for them in your strategy in case you do.

2. Review your profiles

If you haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile in a while, now is an excellent time to review it. Be consistent with your imagery: your profile pics, logos and cover pic graphics should reflect you and your business well across all platforms. Keep all your social media platforms up-to-date and in line with your website.

3. Plan what to post

Think about how often you’ll share interesting and relevant content with your audience. Will you write your own content and create images yourself? Will you outsource your blogs and articles or share directly from the industry press? Don’t be shy! Share testimonials, celebrations, news about new contracts – anything positive is fantastic to tell the world! Don’t forget about keywords, SEO-friendliness and calls to action.

Remember to stay true to your brand values, stick to your plan, and leave yourself enough time to actually run your business!

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The pandemic forced a great many businesses to reconsider how they operate and many of the changes that were implemented are still in place, including a greater emphasis on social media marketing…


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