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Customer Complaints Procedure

Last updated: 20 September 2023



This procedure is designed to ensure that any questions, problems experienced or expression of dissatisfaction with our organisation or its services or products are quickly aired and resolved, and we therefore encourage its use to facilitate this.


Scope of this policy

This policy applies to all clients/customers of X- Forces (XF) CIC and other group companies, but may also be used by any member of the public who may wish to raise any issue with us.

A complaint may cover the standards, performance, decisions or actions of one or more of our employees/workers, or may relate to our products or services, or to our business as a whole. A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction and for clarity may be communicated oral or in writing, hard copy or digitally.


Aims of this policy

We are proud of our relationship with our clients/customers and welcome feedback at any time, in order to ensure this positive relationship continues.

However, should any negative feedback not be satisfactorily resolved, we provide this procedure to ensure that any complaints are dealt with swiftly and effectively.


Stages of the procedure

Should an initial approach not result in the required resolution, the following procedure should be used:

Stage one

Details of the complaint should be sent in writing to the following address: Mountbarrow House, 6-20 Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W 9RB.

Alternatively, they may be emailed to:

Full details of the complaint, the preferred method of contact, any information regarding any previous attempt to resolve this matter, and the preferred solution should be included.

We will acknowledge any complaint as soon as possible, giving an indication of how long we need to investigate the matter. We aim to provide this acknowledgement within a maximum of 48 hours. We may need to contact the person raising the complaint or the supplier/manufacturer of products for further details or to investigate further.

At the end of our investigations, we will confirm the outcome of the complaint. This will include further details of who to write to if the outcome is not considered to be satisfactory. If no response is received within 14 days of sending our confirmation, we will assume that the situation is resolved. However, if the problem arises again, please do come back to us.

Stage two

Obviously, we hope our initial response would be satisfactory, but a client/customer/member of the public who remains dissatisfied should write to the Board of Directors.

Again, we may need to discuss the situation further as we attempt to resolve the matter. We will confirm the outcome of this further investigation in writing and aim to respond within 14 days.


Financial Service Related Complaints

Complaints received that could be in relation to the Business Lending Team but not limited to need to have an awareness of what is defined as a complaint under the guidance of the FCA and the actions to be followed which may differ to the Complaint Process for other areas of X-Forces Enterprise.

Any situation where an individual has expressed dissatisfaction, whether justified or not, either orally or in writing, about the firm’s provision of, or failure to provide, a financial service or a determination of redress.

You should be vigilant to any complaint or, indeed potential complaint, involving the firm, which alleges:

  • a breach of FCA Rules or guidance, or
  • a failure to comply with any obligation arising under or by virtue of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, or
  • negligence, a breach of a term of any customer agreement or any enactment or other rule of law which may be applicable to the business of the firm, or
  • misrepresentation, bad faith or other malpractice, or
  • financial loss, material distress or material inconvenience.

Following this, an initial assessment will be carried out to determine if an immediate resolution can be made. Where this is possible, the complainant will receive a written summary of our findings and conclusion (summary resolution). Where this is accepted within 3 business days (by the close of the third full day) the case will be closed.

Where this is not possible, a written acknowledgement will be issued to the complainant within 5 business days and will set out the basis, or understanding, of the complaint.

Where redress is appropriate, we will provide the complainant with fair compensation for any acts or omissions for which it was responsible. The Senior Leadership Team has the necessary authority to offer redress.

We will comply with redress offers accepted by the complainant. Redress need not be financial and could include, for example; an apology. The final response letter will explain the complainant’s right to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service and enclose a copy of the Financial Ombudsman Service’s leaflet.

It should be noted that when a loan recipient incorporates a company, they may not be able to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). As an impartial body it is ultimately the Financial Ombudsman Service decision on what complaints they may or may not accept.

The response will also indicate that the complainant has a six month timescale to refer the matter to the Ombudsman, which commences on the date that the final response is issued by the firm.


Co-operation with the Ombudsman

We will co-operate at all times with the requirements of the Financial Ombudsman Service.

If the case is referred to the Ombudsman, the Compliance Officer will submit a report along with any supporting documentation.


Disciplinary matters

If a complaint prompts an investigation into the behaviour or actions of one or more of our employees, we will use our disciplinary procedure to fairly deal with the matter. This may mean that details of the complaint are used as evidence in disciplinary proceedings. The client/customer will be made aware of this and will be asked whether they agree to have their name disclosed or not.


Effectiveness of this procedure

We expect our employees to respond to any form of complaint and to ensure that any potential dissatisfaction on the part of a client/customer or member of the public is reported and dealt with promptly.

Therefore, any concerns relating to the application or effectiveness of this procedure should be reported to Martin Wing in the first instance or another Company Director who will investigate further and take any appropriate action to ensure this procedure remains effective.


Related policies and documents

We also have the following related policies and documents: whistleblowing procedure.


Implementation, monitoring and review of this procedure

Martin Wing has overall responsibility for implementing and monitoring this procedure, which will be reviewed on a regular basis following its implementation to ensure it is working effectively.

Any queries or comments about this procedure should be addressed to Martin Wing.


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