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X-Forces Enterprise events have been developed to give delegates the knowledge, understanding and enterprise skills to be able to decide if they want to pursue self-employment, and what their unique business journey look will like.

X-Forces Enterprise nurtures entrepreneurial ambition in the UK Armed Forces community by supporting start-up and scale-up businesses. We provide free training to the community (Service leavers, military spouses and partners, reservists, cadets and children of forces) through our charity and corporate partners.

We have supported in various ways over 10,000 individuals since 2013. Many hundreds more have experienced our training, business advice, networking, mentoring or events.

If an individual makes an informed decision not to start-up a business, we still consider this a success story as the entrepreneurial skills learned are assets in an employed role.

To attend X-Forces’ Training click on the button below for our Events and Workshops. For more information please Contact us on the number below.

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