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Leading a changing world
Leading In A Changing World
June 13, 2022
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Does Your Marketing Pass This 10-Point Test?
June 21, 2022

How To Stand Out On LinkedIn

How To Stand Out On LinkedIn

Working from home and being uncertain about the future of your business is no excuse to sit back and procrastinate!

One great thing about home working, if you’re not used to it, is the time you’re saving on commuting. Teams and Zoom conference calls mean you’re not spending time travelling from one meeting to the next, therefore freeing up valuable marketing hours.

Getting your LinkedIn profile spick & span

So, this is a perfect time for focusing on business growth – and what better place to start than by getting your LinkedIn profile spick and span?

Here are a few quick tips to get your profile popping:

  • Choose a fantastic profile picture: we can't stess enough how important your photo is. People do business with people – especially on LinkedIn, so don’t have a logo, group photo or cartoon. Be your lovely, smiling self, engaging and ready to connect.
  • Add a background image: the large banner space behind your photo is a wonderful opportunity to show off what you do. Make sure it grabs people’s attention, is branded and self-explanatory.
  • Let your headline work for you: your headline (or tagline) doesn’t have to be your job title – you can give a clear description of what you’re offering to potential clients. Loads of people will see this if you’re active on LinkedIn, and it’s a brilliant opportunity to sell yourself and your services.
  • Summary or story: your LinkedIn summary doesn’t need to be a boring rendition of your CV. Write as you speak – enchant people with your personal story or explain why your work matters. What can you do for them? Why should they connect with you?
  • Be convincing: LinkedIn’s rankings of over-used buzzwords include: ‘experienced’, ‘specialised’, ‘focused’, ‘strategic’, ‘passionate’ and ‘expert’. There's nothing wrong with describing yourself like this, but make sure you’re able to demonstrate to people that you have these qualities.
  • Show off your skills: list skills that are relevant to you – ones that you actually have. This means that other people can endorse you, which strengthens your credibility. There’s no doubt that a good bank of endorsements helps to increase your credibility. And it’s nice to endorse other people.
  • Ask for recommendations: a personal testimonial from someone who can genuinely substantiate your work is fantastic! Don’t feel shy or embarrassed to ask – if they’ve been happy with your services, there’s really no good reason why they should object to spending a few minutes telling the world.

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